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Central Sri Lanka and Beach

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Product Code : SLT010
Duration : 8 Days
Tour Type : Luxury Coach Van or Car
Language : English / Sinhalese
7 Nights From
US$ 1,990.00
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  • 8 days / 7 Nights
  • 4 or 5-Star Accommodation.
  • Full Breakfast.
  • Full Buffet Dinner.
  • English-Speaking Tour Guides.
  • Twin Share or Double.
  • Airport Pick-up and Drop-off.

  • Personal effects for windy/rainy/warm weather conditions should be carried.
  • Insect repellents, sun burn lotions etc, are recommended.
  • proper covering for your camera equipment in the ocean and in the rain forest is essential.

    Wilpattu National Park (Willu-pattu; Land of Lakes) is a park located on North Western part of Sri Lanka. The unique feature of this park is the existence of "Willus" (Natural lakes) - Natural, sand-rimmed water basins or depressions that fill with rainwater. Forest vegitation type is mainly dry zone and alone the water bodies there will be patches of revers forest. The park is located 30 km west Anuradhapura and located 26 km north of Puttalam (approximately 180 km north of Colombo). The park is 131, 693 hectares and ranges from 0 to 152 meters above sea level.

    Nearly sixty lakes (Willu) and tanks are found spread throughout Wilpattu. Wilpattu is the largest and one of the oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka. Wilpattu is among the top national parks world renowned for its Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) population. Since it was not open to public for many years due to terrorist conflict of Sri Lanka park was neglected and subjected to poaching and deforestation. currently it's rehabilitating and improving visitor facilities. today it's regaining its glory of the yesteryears.

    Sighting of a leopard in white sand banks of the willu with reach green backdrop is the photographers dream in this park. there are sizable population of sloth bears as well.


    Minneriya National Park is a national park in North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The area was designated as a national park on 12 August 1997, having been originally declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938. The reason for declaring the area as protected is to protect the catchment of Minneriya tank and the wildlife of the surrounding area. The tank is of historical importance, having been built by King Mahasen in third century AD.

    The park is a dry season feeding ground for the elephant population dwelling in forests of Matale, Polonnaruwa, and Trincomalee districts. Along with Kaudulla and Girithale, Minneriya forms one of the 70 Important Bird Areas (IBAS) of Sri Lanka. The park is situated 182 kilometers (113 mi) from Colombo.

    During dry season, months of May - September large herds of elephants gather in grass plains of the Minneriya NP for grassing and water. this create largest elephant gathering in the world. over 300 elephants in different ages moving to the grass plains, relaxing feeding and displaying their behavior to the visitors.


    Anuradhapura is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preserved ruins of ancient Lankan civilization. The city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies 205 km north of the current capital Colombo in Sri Lanka's North Central Province, on the banks of the historic Malvathu Oya. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka.

    From the 4th century BC, it was the capital of Sri Lanka until the beginning of the 11th century AD. During this period it remained one of the most stable and durable centers of political power and urban life in South Asia. The ancient city, considered sacred to the Buddhist world, is today surrounded by monasteries covering an area of over sixteen square miles.

    Skyline of Anuradhapura consist of four giant Stupa including world's largest brick monument, the Stupa of the Jethawana Monastery. Monasteries of Anuradhapura are not just religious centers but functioned as international knowledge centers of the era it belongs. There are three types of monasteries can be identified there, the "organic type", which are largest and made lots of influence on sociology political culture of the era, the " padhanagara type" which was mainly to practice dharma rather involving in sociology political culture of the country and the " forest type" which is totally detached from the civic/social life and practice dharma for individual monks.

    The ancient citadel of the city is smaller compare to the huge monasteries around and hardly find evidence of dwellings of general public as it was mainly among agricultural lands of outskirts of the city and destroyed by continues south Indian invasions throughout the history.


    Sigiriya is a large stone and ancient rock fortress and palace ruin in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka, surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs, and other structures. A popular tourist destination, Sigiriya is also renowned for its ancient paintings (frescos) which are reminiscent of the Ajanta Caves of India. It is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka.

    Sigiriya may have been inhabited through prehistoric times. It was used as a rock-shelter mountain monastery from about the 5th century BC, with caves prepared and donated by devotees of the Buddhist Sangha. According to the chronicles as Mahavamsa the entire complex was built by King Kashyapa (AD 477 – 495), and after the king's death, it was used as a Buddhist monastery until 14th century.


    The city of Dambulla is situated in the Matale District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, situated 148 km north-east of Colombo and 72 km north of Kandy.

    Major attractions of the city is the largest and best preserved cave temple complex of Sri Lanka, However Dambula had become popular tourist destination due to its central locality to the three main heritage cities ( Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa) and the well developed tourist facility network.

    DAY 01

    You will be picked up from Colombo International Airport (CMB) on your arrival and transfer to the hotel in Dambulla. If time permitted
    ( depend on your arrival time) you will visit Dambulla Cave temple in the evening.

    DAY 02

    After breakfast you will visit Sigiriya rock fortress ( UNESCO World heritage site) . will be back for lunch and in the afternoon you will visit Minneriya National park to witness largest elephant gathering of the world. over 300 elephants will roaming in the grass plains of the national park.

    DAY 03

    After breakfast you will be heading to Anuradhapura, the historical city of golden era of Sri Lanka. ( from 3rd century BC - 10th century AD). before you check in to the hotel in Anuradhapura you will be visiting Mahavihara monastery premises. there will be ruins of three Main monasteries ( Organic type monasteries) and two more different types of monasteries. you will be visit one of each type and the ruins of the citadel.

    DAY 04

    you will do more site seeing after breakfast and will be heading to Willpattu National park. Accommodation in Willpattu will be basic. if you conform your tour two months ahead you will be able to occupy bungalow inside the park, which is a better option to have better safaris. however if not you will be checked in to a hotel closer to park entrance.

    DAY 05

    Two safaris in Wilpattu National Park (WNP) you will be come back to the hotel in between safaris for a break.

    DAY 06

    Full day safari In WNP. you will spend entire day in the jungle. meals will be delivered to the park and this will give more opportunity to feel the jungle and unexpected leopard sightings.

    DAY 07

    After early breakfast you will be heading to Negombo and will check in to beach hotel to relax & enjoy at end of your tour.

    DAY 08

    You will be transferred in to the CMB for your departure flight.

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